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Using Matterhorn as a video asset management system to CQ5 - unleashing OAI-PMH
Olaf A. Schulte

ETH Zürich is using Matterhorn to support the local CMS (Adobe's CQ5) in video management and distribution. Metadata is being harvested via OAI-PMH from Matterhorn by CQ5, which subsequently uses...

Lightning Talk Operations 6 votes
Git Tutorial
Greg Logan

In this session we will be exploring some of the deeper, darker mysteries around Git, and its use. Want to know how to transplant your branch from r/1.X.Y onto develop? Or how to revert a merge...

Roundtable/BOF Developing 8 votes
Theodul Pass Player: Matterhorns Next Generation Engage Player
Rüdiger Rolf

At the University of Osnabrück we are developing the successor of the Matterhorn Engage Player.

The Theodul Player has the following goals:
- Pluginable architecture: detect which...

Presentation Developing 15 votes
LF-Portal: A Video Portal for Opencast Matterhorn
Lars Kiesow

The LF-Portal is a small video portal that works natively with Opencast Matterhorn. This talk shall give a short overview about this project and show how it can be used.

Lightning Talk Operations 3 votes
Media Analysis
Lars Kiesow

Matterhorn provides various ways for analyzing lecture recordings. At the moment, this is most importantly the text extraxtion for slide texts. This talk shall be a short explanation about how...

Roundtable/BOF Developing 7 votes
Matterhorn RPM Repository
Lars Kiesow

(aka Matterhorn installation in 5 min)

In this session I want to give a short introduction to the public Matterhorn RPM repository hosted by the University of Osnabrück, show how it can be...

Lightning Talk Operations 7 votes
FFmpeg media Analyzer
Lars Kiesow

This session shall be a short introduction of the new FFmpeg media analyzer already included into the Matterhorn 1.5 codebase. I want to talk about the reasons behind developing this module, how...

Lightning Talk Operations 12 votes
The new release of the Paella HTML5 Player for Matterhorn: Features and Comments
Carlos Turro

In this Presentation we will show third release of the Paella Player for Matterhorn. The idea behind the session is to show the new features available on the player, show our ideas for the next...

Presentation Operations 16 votes
Analysis of students marks with and without Matterhorn in the last semester
Carlos Turro

At UPV we have Matterhorn deployed in different lecture halls. Some of them are used for standard course lectures, and the access to those lectures is restricted to the actual students of those...

Lightning Talk Managing 5 votes
FFmpeg: Practical Magic on Videos
Lars Kiesow

FFmpeg is already the Core of Matterhorn doing most of the processing on videos and images. But right now Matterhorn is only using a small fraction of the features that FFmpeg offeres.


Workshop/Groups Developing 13 votes
Planning and Structure of Future Opencast Conferences
Andy Wasklewicz

In this session I would like to discuss with attendees their key goals or objectives for the Opencast Unconferences and how we might better structure, schedule and promote to serve the needs of...

Workshop/Groups 5 votes
Making recordings with little manpower
Olli Salo

If your AV staff is small in numbers the handling of lecture scheduling, video trimming and video editing can soon become a real burden. To solve this problem we created unmanned lecture rooms and...

Presentation Managing 3 votes
OSGi Library Upgrade
Karen Dolan

The Apache Karaf, Felix, Aries, and Camel projects have evolved considerably in the last 4 years. The current underlying Matterhorn library set is aging. The workshop would assess the results of a...

Workshop/Groups Developing 9 votes
Timetable schedule integration with opt-in / opt-out models
Stuart Phillipson

We will be presenting our 'Participation Management Module' (PPM). Entwine have developed a Matterhorn module which harvests data from our timetable system, allows user recording preference to be...

Presentation Operations 7 votes
Video Concept Browser: Concept-based Browsing of Lecture Video

At MIT, we’ve been experimenting with alternate methods for finding and accessing segments in lecture video. We’ve developed a tool, the Video Concept Browser, allows that students to browse...

Lightning Talk 15 votes
Matterhorn Video-Editor
Rüdiger Rolf, Olaf A. Schulte

The video-editor is intended to replace the Matterhorn trim-editor and will be much more powerful. The main features are:
- Cutting away any segment within a recording
- Automated...

Presentation Operations 12 votes
Video Processing: Lessons Learned
Sven Stauber, Daniel Fritschi

While developing and operating our lecture recording service SWITCHcast over the last six years, we were facing many challenges in the field of video processing.
In this technical...

Presentation Developing 5 votes
Overview of Lecture Capture at Manchester Using Matterhorn + Galicaster
Stuart Phillipson, James Perrin

The University of Manchester now records approximately 1,000 hours of lectures per teaching week using a combination of Matterhorn and Galicaster. This talk will provide an overview of our first...

Presentation Operations 6 votes
Mass Adoption of Matterhorn - Barriers and Opportunities
Reza Toghraee

An overview of the experience of deploying Matterhorn within the Middle East Higher Education Sector - challenges and opportunities - and a discussion on key factors that can alleviate mass...

Lightning Talk Operations 4 votes
Building MOOCs with MH and OpenEdX
Vicente Goyanes, Bruno Seoane

We are working on the integration of MH and OpenEdX for University of Vigo / Campus do Mar. The status of this project will be presented.
We believe that producing video content for OpenEdX...

Presentation Developing 9 votes
Galicaster Project, contributions, status and roadmap
Vicente Goyanes

The galicaster project is a community friendly effort, fostered and supported by Teltek, to provide hardware specifications and touch-enabled software for a MH compatible capture agent. We will be...

Presentation Developing 5 votes
Galicaster Dashboard, visual management of your CA fleet.
Vicente Goyanes

This talk will present briefly the GC Dashboard, a tool that aims to provide a visual aide to manage medium and large galicaster (or other MH compliant ) Capture Agents. Galicaster Dashboard is a...

Lightning Talk 5 votes
How to improve the Opencast Homepage
Rüdiger Rolf

The Opencast and Matterhorn homepage (not the wiki with the documentation) are a little outdated and have not been overhauled since the early days of the project. We are currently working on an...

Roundtable/BOF 1 votes
Matterhorn at the University of Cape Town
Stephen Marquard, Edmore Moyo, Genevieve Chang

An overview of the Opencast Matterhorn implementation at UCT, and our plans for the future.

Presentation Developing 4 votes
Let's fix it in post! Ideas for post-recording video handling
Stephen Marquard

This session will propose ideas and projects for improving quality, reducing cost and maximising flexibility by processing one or more video streams after recording. Ideas include:

1. Using...

Roundtable/BOF Developing 5 votes
Two applications of Raspberry Pis with Matterhorn
Stephen Marquard

A short description of UCT's plans for the use of Raspberry Pis as low-cost IP cameras for use with LectureSight, and as low-cost simple Capture Agents.

Lightning Talk Developing 4 votes
Let's upgrade! What could possibly go wrong?
Stephen Marquard

How can you know that your large-scale Matterhorn deployment will continue to work reliably after upgrading one or more components?

This session will share some upgrade gotchas learnt the...

Roundtable/BOF Operations 6 votes
How to use audio normalization
Stephen Marquard, Edmore Moyo

A brief overview of audio normalization with sox and how to use it in your Matterhorn deployment.

Lightning Talk Developing 8 votes
A new admin UI for Opencast Matterhorn
Andy Wasklewicz, Tobias Wunden, Sven Stauber, Olaf A. Schulte

Nothing much happened regarding the new admin UI ETH and Entwine announced at the 2013 Opencast unconference, it seemed. As a matter of fact, the project was delayed and re-railed in 2013, but in...

Presentation 7 votes
Recordings Management and Scheduling using LTI
Edmore Moyo

The UCT approach to Managing recordings and scheduling via LTI.

Lightning Talk Developing 3 votes
Going Mobile: Oportunities and Pitfalls in Bringing Lecture Recordings to Smartphones and Pads
Carlos Turro, Rüdiger Rolf

It looks easier than it turns out to be: bringing (dual-stream) lecture recordings to mobile devices.

We want to use this sessions share with you our experiences in adopting Matterhorn...

Roundtable/BOF Developing 10 votes
Running Matterhorn in Production at UC Berkeley

After many years of getting ready to transition from our previous enterprise webcasting system to Matterhorn, the 2013-2014 academic year was Berkeley's first running in full production mode. We'...

Lightning Talk 8 votes
mh development environment with vagrant and ansible
naomi maekawa

overview on how to set up a matterhorn development environment using vagrant and ansible provisioning

Lightning Talk Developing 8 votes
Can you lipsync? Exploring solutions for audio & video synchronization
Stephen Marquard

This BOF is to share approaches to achieving correct audio and video synchronization, which can be tricky especially when recording multiple streams (camera and screen) from a variety of capture...

Roundtable/BOF Developing 2 votes
Moving the trim edit page out of the Admin UI.
James Perrin

The standard trimHold page is embedded in the Admin user interface which we did not want to give users access to, even to their own Series. We created a standalone trim page customized the...

Lightning Talk Developing 1 votes
Job Incidents Architecture
Tobias Wunden

In the current version of Matterhorn there is no way to identify where, and under what circumstances, a job actually failed other than inspecting the log files. All you get is a Java stack trace...

Lightning Talk Developing 4 votes
Media processing with stream composition and dynamic cover slides
Tobias Wunden

In this session we will be showcasing how to use a number of workflow operations targeted at video compositing (e. g. picture in picture, side by side, ...) as well as the creation of dynamic...

Lightning Talk Developing 2 votes
Five feature requests we are implementing for Matterhorn commercial deployment.
Pawel Fic

NCast is offering Presentation Server, that is Matterhorn commercial deployment. We are offering it to commercial accounts that are using Matterhorn on a campus, on World Wide Web or inside closed...

Lightning Talk Developing 4 votes
UC Berkeley's recent contributions to Opencast Matterhorn
John Crossman

UC Berkeley has recently contributed back to Opencast's Matterhorn 'develop' branch. Specifically:

Presentation Developing 2 votes
QA status, and how the community can help
Greg Logan

In this talk I will give a quick overview of what the current state of QA is for the project, and where I plan on going within the next few months.

Lightning Talk Developing 3 votes
Matterhorn Documentation: Our Current Efforts
Greg Logan

Our documentation is always something we want to improve, so in this session we will explore what we have in mind, what our community see as points to improve, and how our community can help.

Roundtable/BOF Operations 1 votes
323Link EDUcast Encoder: Lessons learned from a 40 room integration with Matterhorn
Don Cottam

323Link has fully integrated with the Matterhorn core and during this session we will discuss:

- Lessons learned with a 40 room rollout of our encoders and Matterhorn 1.4 over two semesters...

Presentation 2 votes
Integration of Matterhorn System with Campus Signage and Enterprise Video
Daniel Helfrick

The session will cover methods of utilizing the Matterhorn system as a visual information tool that reaches beyond the in classroom applications. As a developer of Digital Signage and IP Video...

Presentation 2 votes
Making Robust Capture Agents
James Perrin

We describe hardware, OS and software modifications we have made to our capture agents ensure that they are up, recording and ingesting as much of their scheduled lectures as possible.

Lightning Talk 0 votes