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Andy Wasklewicz Entwine
Aram Stamboulian Espress Labs
Benjamin Hubbard ETS - UC Berkeley
Brandon Muramatsu MIT
Bruno Seoane Teltek
Carlos Turro Universitat Politecnica de Valencia
cem ergun IT IT
Cole Shaw MIT
Dan Jeffs DCE Harvard video, audio, production, ffmpeg, sox, recording
Dan Ifrim Espress Labs
Daniel Fritschi SWITCH
Daniel Helfrick Cabletime Video on Demand, Video Encoding, Video Storage, Playback, Video Distribution, Recording Systems, Network Requirements, Partner Universities, Vendor Partners
David Langlois Harvard Law School
Don Cottam 323link, LLC. 323link manufactures the EDUcast Encoder System that is fully integrated with the Matterhorn System. We have one of the larger deployments at Boise State University and would like to present. We also want to gather the new information about the next release of the Matterhorn System.
Edmore Moyo CILT, UCT Matterhorn
Eleni Kaxiras Harvard SEAS Lecture Capture, Documentaries
Forrest Aldrich Harvard University Systems administration
Genevieve Chang University of Cape Town
Greg Logan CA, QA, core, capture agent, releases
Gregory Aimo Harvard University DCE live streaming video, audio
Hank Magnuski NCast Corporation Capture Agents, Matterhorn Software
Harry Levinson Harvard University - HUIT Digital Video Services Lecture capture, scheduling, and publishing automation
Ian Dolphin Apereo Foundation
Jaime Busquets Universitat Politècnica de València
James Perrin University of Manchester Matterhorn, scaling, distribution, Galicaster, CA side encoding, CA side processing
James Peregrino Harvard Division of Continuing Education operations: storage, server sizing, high availability, scaling
Jeff Parker Harvard University
Joaquin Costa Winnov Network with Matterhorn users.
Jody Fanto Harvard DCE
John Crossman UC Berkeley
Jordan Piluso Espress Labs
Judith Kelly Harvard University - DCE
Judy Stern University of California
Karen Dolan Harvard DCE Integration, Metadata, Scaling, Debugging, Design
Kenny Boyle Harvard University DCE Distance Education Department. cameras, capture agents, A/V engineering.
Lars Kiesow University of Osnabrück Media Analysis, Deployment (RPM Repository), Development, Capture Agents
Leon Liebenberg University of Cape Town Matterhorn
Mark Bailey Tufts University
MGH LCS Mass General Lab of Computer Science
Miguel Gusils Harvard DCE
naomi maekawa harvard university (dce) lti integration, automated install/deploy
Noah Wittman UC Berkeley Open Source, Webcasting, Service Design, OER
Olaf A. Schulte ETH Zürich Opencast Matterhorn
Olli Salo University of Helsinki Matterhorn roadmap, systems administration, live streaming, html5 player, LMS integration, screen recording tools
Owen McGrath ETS/ UC Berkeley
Pawel Fic NCast Capture Agents
Per Pascal Grube University of Stuttgart
Phoebe Miller Harvard University, Division of Continuing Education mobile client, live streaming, workflow management, integration
Reza Toghraee Arrive Systems Inc. networking, discussion on Matterhorn usability, presentation of Arrive ViewPoint capture agent
Rüdiger Rolf Universität Osnabrück Developer on the project, focus of Osnabrück team is the engage side of Matterhorn.
Rute Santos Harvard DCE
Stephen Marquard University of Cape Town
Steve Foote Harvard Law School
Stuart Phillipson University of Manchester Large scale lecture capture.
Sven Stauber SWITCH
Tobias Wunden Entwine
Tristan Crane Entropy Wave Capture Agents, Matterhorn installations, Open Source development
Vicente Goyanes UVigo / CampusdoMar / TELTEK Lecture Capture, Capture Agents, Galicaster-CA, Scaling Matterhorn, Matterhorn integration, MOOCs
Zora Rizzi Tufts University